Fordesoft - An indie game developer

A one-man gamedev "team" from Madison, WI

Fordesoft is really just Josh Forde, a guy developing games on PS4, PS Vita, Steam, and hopefully Switch and Xbox One soon.

Current project:
Eternal Exodus

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Out now

Emerald Shores

"Super Mario World with a level-up system"

A large world to explore, full of hidden items, sidequests, minigames, optional bosses, and more.

Release date: November 13, 2018

Released on PlayStation 4 & PS Vita (NA and EU) and Steam

Super Blackout

An enhanced port of the puzzle game Super Blackout, previously on PlayStation Mobile, now with new graphics, trophies, new music, PlayStation TV support, and gamepad support.

Released: October 13, 2015

In development

Eternal Exodus

This is a 2D monster-catching RPG early in production.

Heavily inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei series.

Set in the afterlife, catch and fuse 150 different types of demons as you journey through Hell itself.

Release date: late 2019

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