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Eternal Exodus

Estimated release: late 2020

Platform: PlayStation 4, Steam (Windows + Linux + Mac), possibly more

Set in the afterlife, catch and fuse 150 different types of demons as you journey through Hell itself.

See for more information.

Creature Card Idle

Released: December 22, 2019

Price: $1.99

Platform: Steam (Windows + Linux)

Idler meets TCG!

An incremental game where you place cards strategically on a grid to generate resources, and you spend those resources to purchase booster packs containing new cards.

Named one of the best games in the genre by PCGamingN.

Creature Card Idle screenshot

Emerald Shores

Released: November 13, 2018

Price: $9.99

Platform: PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PlayStation TV, Steam (Windows + Linux)

Ascend to the floating island of Emerald Shores in this challenging 2D platformer, which plays something like "Super Mario World with a level-up system."

~20 levels, 5+ bosses, unlockable secret levels, sidequests, optional bosses, raise + race a pet monster, 30 PSN trophies (including platinum), and more.

Super Blackout

Released: October 13, 2015

Price: $4.99

Platform: PS Vita, PlayStation TV, Steam

"Black out" all of the lit-up tiles in this feature-loaded, content-loaded puzzle game.

Previously on PS Mobile, this is an enhanced version of the game with new features, new graphics, new audio, and trophies.

Super Blackout screenshot

Features include:
  • 90 levels (30 each in Easy/Medium/Hard)
  • Random level generator with adjustable difficulty
  • Level editor
  • Controls support both the gamepad and touchscreen
  • PlayStation TV support
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