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Super Blackout announced for Steam; Emerald Shores hits PS Vita on Tuesday

Hi everyone,

I have a couple of pieces of news today:

The first is that Emerald Shores is finally going to be releasing on PS Vita and PlayStation TV on Tuesday. This is only in North America so far, but the European release is on its way sometime in the coming weeks as well. Note that the game supports cross-buy, so if you previously purchased the PlayStation 4 version, the Vita version should show up as free for you on the PSN store.

The other piece of news is that Super Blackout is getting a PC release next week.

I released Super Blackout on PS Vita back in late 2015. Despite it being a fairly casual puzzle game with a simple concept, the reception was warm, with thousands of people enjoying it over the past few years.

Super Blackout launches on Steam on Friday, December 14th for $4.99, with a launch discount of 40% (down to $2.99) for the first week. If you add it to your wishlist, you can get a reminder when it launches.

Steam store link:
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