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Eternal Exodus: new trailer, and Kickstarter goes live this month

I keep forgetting to post on this blog, but if you've been keeping up on twitter, you know that a ton of progress has been made on Eternal Exodus this year.

Recently, the game's artists finished wrapping up virtually all of the currently-planned art for the game. The programming is 90% done as well: the only major things left are the Necronomicon feature and whichever minigames still get added.

Beyond that, the vast majority of the work involved in the game now is content-related: designing maps, scripting cutscenes, and balancing stats. And then finishing the soundtrack (around 20 fully-original tracks are complete right now).

So there's still a lot of work left, but if you count up how many hours of work have been put into the game and how many remain, that would put the game around 75% complete. That doesn't mean it's 75% playable yet: about the first 20% of the story is playable (roughly 3 hours, and I'm targeting at least 15 hours of gameplay on a typical first-playthrough). The remaining 80% consists of content where virtually all of the art is done, some of the maps are done, some of the music is done, etc. - but as we all know, a piece of content doesn't become playable until 100% of its components are done.

New trailer

It's been a long time coming - over two years since the last trailer. The game underwent some major changes in direction since then, and with so much in flux (art redesigns, maps being entirely redone, as well as all the new content and features that were being done simultaneously), I wanted to wait until the dust settled before rerecording the trailer.

Kickstarter launching September 28

The Kickstarter for Eternal Exodus will launch later this month.

Kickstarter goes live on September 28, 2021

The natural question is this: why do a Kickstarter this late in development? It looks like the game will be finished with or without Kickstarter, so what's the point?

The main reason boils down to this: I'm hoping to translate the game into more languages, and translations are very expensive for a game with as much text as this one has.

While I'm funding the Japanese translation out-of-pocket (as well as all of the art, devkits, development tools, etc.- costs are adding up quite a bit), adding more languages is something I can't afford on my own. Each translation costs thousands of dollars.

Beyond the obvious of allowing more people to play the game, there's another useful benefit to having more languages in the game as well. As you can see at 1:09 in the trailer, the game has some unique multi-language features that come in handy if you're studying a new language. You can play the game in that language (while keeping your native language in subtitles at the bottom of the screen in case you need help understanding a sentence). This is a feature important to me as someone who loves learning new languages, and I wish more games did it. Of course, the feature becomes useful to more people as more languages get added to the game.

But I realize most people aren't going to care about more translations/localizations, so I'm adding more perks to the Kickstarter as well, so players have a reason to participate in the Kickstarter instead of just buying the game on release since they know it'll be released with or without Kickstarter anyway.

While most of the Kickstarter funds will go toward the new translations, I'll dedicate part of the Kickstarter funds to new features that weren't yet planned but that I've always wanted to add to the game, starting with a built-in trading card game a bit like what you find in Final Fantasy VIII and IX.

The Kickstarter will also get you a copy of the game at a reduced price. The planned retail price is $19.99, but you'll be able to get a digital key in the $15 tier. Higher tiers will include limited edition items, like a soundtrack CD.

Here's the link to the Kickstarter, which goes live September 28:

Xbox One confirmed

Last but not least, the game has just recently been confirmed with Microsoft for an Xbox One release. So it's official now: Eternal Exodus will be released on PC and all three consoles: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. I haven't been able to pick up an Xbox One devkit just yet (financial reasons), but that will be happening in the coming weeks. Getting the game running on PS4 and Switch was pretty easy, so hopefully Xbox development will be similar.
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