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Eternal Exodus devlog for October 12, 2021

It's been a wild week with the Kickstarter midflight, but between many hours spent promoting that, finding new backer rewards to add, and revamping pretty much the entire page to polish it up, I've made progress on a few different areas of the game itself:

  • Started mapping out the Resistance's island headquarters and creating nice water effects for it (shown above). If the Kickstarter goal is met for it, I'm going to turn the inside of the headquarters into a town-building sim (like Dark Cloud or Azure Dreams), where you can construct various buildings that will aid you in your adventure.
  • Started on a late-game cutscene, drawing art and mapping the scene out.
  • Fixed a major bug that was causing certain UI elements to disappear in the Mugen Underpass dungeon. Turned out that the water shader in that dungeon was conflicting with the UI shaders in a strange way.
  • Finished most of the ending cutscene's music. I had to rework it a bit and throw out the entire second verse, because it was giving a different vibe than I wanted the scene to portray. I might add one more verse still, and then it's time to go into producer mode and monkey with the sound of the instruments.
  • Wrote the "pre-boss battle" music. And then re-wrote it entirely, because I wasn't really digging the first attempt. Now it's all good to go. This is the crunchy guitar music that plays in cutscenes right before any boss battle begins.
  • Sketched out a plan for the dialogue of a big scene that happens in a temple midway through the game.
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