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Emerald Shores soundtrack now on YouTube

To celebrate the third anniversary of Emerald Shores a few days ago, the entire 25-song soundtrack for Emerald Shores is now available on YouTube:

In other news, Eternal Exodus development continues along. I've been working on some snowy effects, new music for the game, UI improvements, and other things in the past couple of weeks.

The Eternal Exodus Kickstarter didn't quite reach its goal (about $10k funded of a $15k goal), but I want to extend massive thanks to the 133 backers who pledged money toward it. It means a lot to know so many people want to see the game succeed this much.

I'll be slowing down on marketing efforts for a bit now to focus on the game's development. Marketing is a massive timesink. Don't be worried if my posts become more infrequent for a little while. It means more is happening with the game, not less...
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