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Announcing Emerald Shores for PS4, PS Vita, and PSTV

I'm happy to finally announce Emerald Shores, a challenging 2D platformer with light RPG elements.

It's entirely a one-man effort (programming, design, music, "art"), so it's been a long journey, but it's close enough to being finished that I can say it'll be out by the end of summer 2017.

A few details:
  • The concept is something like "take Super Mario World and add a level-up system that determines your HP and how much damage your jumps deal to enemies"
  • The main storyline will have at least 20 main levels, 5 boss battles, really short cutscenes, a few secret unlockable levels (find those hidden exits), and then something for those who manage to complete all of the secret levels
  • There's a Remix Mode which plays just like the original story mode, but all levels are rearranged to be more difficult
  • There are two world maps: the one you see in the trailer, and then a floating island called Emerald Shores
  • Levels have powerups hidden in them, which grant abilities like double-jumping and throwing fireballs
  • Not confirmed yet, but the plan is $9.99 and cross-buy between the platforms

I'll be posting news and in-development screenshots regularly on Twitter now, so if you want to hear more about the game, please give a Follow:
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