Super Blackout is a puzzle game that plays similarly to the old "Lights Out" puzzle games of the 1990s.


Josh Forde of Fordesoft developed and released the original version of Super Blackout in August 2013, a development cycle that took about ten days, a couple of weeks before starting his final semester of college. A year later, he ported the game to PlayStation Mobile, rewriting the code from Java to C#. Shortly after, it was announced that the PlayStation Mobile service would be ending, so he ported the game to C++/PhyreEngine and released it on native PS Vita, which was released on October 13, 2015; this version had identical gameplay to the others, but featured improved graphics, new music, trophies, and PlayStation TV support. All purchasers of the PlayStation Mobile game were offered a free upgrade to this new native PS Vita version. Three years later, the game was also released on Steam (identical to the newest PS Vita version), with full Big Picture Mode support.


  • 90 levels: 30 Easy, 30 Medium, and 30 Hard
  • An endless random level generator with adjustable difficulty, from Easy to Medium to Hard
  • A built-in level editor for designing your own puzzles


Gameplay — YouTube



About Fordesoft

Fordesoft is a "studio" that is really just one guy, Josh Forde, releasing games on PS4, PS Vita, PlayStation TV, Steam, and more.
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Super Blackout Credits

Josh Forde
Programming, art, design
Kevin MacLeod