Eternal Exodus is a 2D monster-catching RPG set in the Afterlife. Catch and fuse 150 unique demons as you journey to conquer Hell itself, in this game heavily inspired by games like Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Pokemon, Dragon Quest Monsters, and more. Story synopsis: The afterlife isn't what you expected. Instead of fire and torment, you're forced into a tumultuous sea of opposing political and religious forces all competing for control. Luckily, you have a Subjugator: a forbidden wrist-worn device that allows you to summon demons.


After nearly two years of storywriting and preparation, development began in earnest in December 2018, immediately after Fordesoft published Emerald Shores. The game is now slated for release in late 2019 or early 2020.


  • Choose one of three starter demons, and then catch demons you encounter in battle
  • Fuse two of your demons into a more powerful demon of a new species, which inherits its parents' skills
  • Craft weapons and armor for your demons
  • Play a variety of minigames
  • Collect trading cards and compete with them
  • Driven by a powerful story in a unique setting. The Afterlife is a world that raises more questions about the existence of man than it answers, but the answers are out there - somewhere. And you'll need to raise hell to find them.

Download pre-release demo

A free demo of the game, in its early-but-very-playable state, is available on

Steam keys are also available upon request.

Please feel free to stream it, take screenshots or videos, etc., but please also make a note that this is a development build, so many things will be changed and improved before release.



About Fordesoft

Fordesoft is a "studio" that is really just one guy, Josh Forde, releasing games on PS4, PS Vita, PlayStation TV, Steam, and more.
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Eternal Exodus Credits

Josh Forde
Programming, design, writing
Jason Perry of FinalBossBlues
Pixel art
Monster art