Emerald Shores is a challenging SNES-inspired platformer with a bunch of twists. Level up, take on rewarding sidequests, play a variety of minigames, unlock secret levels, raise a pet monster, and more! Can you liberate the floating island world of Emerald Shores from its captors?


Development on Emerald Shores had an interesting start, with the original intention in late 2014 being to release a small platformer on PlayStation Mobile. However, the PlayStation Mobile service ended a few months after development began, and the game was put in limbo for the duration of 2015 to focus on another game (Super Blackout for PS Vita). In 2016, development resumed, with the existing PlayStation Mobile-targeted codebase being ported first from C# to C++, and then from C++ to GameMaker: Studio due to technical limitations. With the engine finalized, development really began in earnest at the start of 2016, and an early prototype was demoed at Midwest Gaming Clasic in April 2016. Two years later, in the fall of 2018, Emerald Shores was finally released on PS4, PS Vita, PSTV, and Steam.


  • Classic platforming with an RPG twist: jump on enemies to deal damage, and level-up to increase your HP and jump damage
  • Secret, unlockable levels
  • Massive, custom soundtrack composed by the developer himself, featuring over 20 unique tracks
  • A variety of minigames, including Farmtrepreneuer, which has you raise crops and animals to make the most profit possible in five minutes
  • Raise a pet Bootworm monster, give it items you find in the world to power it up, and then race it in a series of four Bootworm Races
  • Feeling brave? Find and take down the optional level 70 boss for a massive experience point boost
  • Two-player easter egg: press the jump button on a second controller to have another player drop into the game as a friendly Bootworm



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  • It is a very tight and challenging / fair platformer. Plus: Kudos to the developer for including a strategy guide. I know I will be using it and I suggest you do the same. XD
    Steam user Andrew, Steam
  • I love the fact that it benefits you to really search through the levels to find power ups and hidden treasures that will ultimately make your life easier as you continue through the game!
    StreamingDale, Twitch
Strategy guide
A free, web-based strategy guide for the game. Explains how to unlock everything in the game, from minigames to sidequests to secret items and more. Also gives tips on beating the bosses and provides a walkthrough of the main game.

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Emerald Shores Credits

Josh Forde
Programming, design, music, sound, some art
Lead artist
Portrait artist